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‘’There are no magic solutions. Success is the result of a lot of hard work and is always a joint effort.’’

A little over two months ago, along with 22 other people, I took part in the Wavy recruitment program, Conversational Creators, through which I and 22 other people joined the company. The idea of behind ​​the program iswas to hire people with different backgroundsprofiles, to enrich and accelerate the development of conversational flows with humanized chatbots.

The program offered everything I wanted. …

Written by Marcela Martins — People Director

Much is said in the market about the importance of organizational culture and the best way to build it. But, how can we use actions in this area as a business strategy and, thus, demonstrate that just a strategic planning is not enough to guarantee the success of a company?

The organizational culture represents a set of practices and values ​​shared by everyone within the company. In other words, it was born with the company, but as with business, its definition also needs to adapt. As Peter Drucker once said, “Culture swallows strategy…

Written by Cauê Abdias — Content Analyst

Entering the Product area of ​​any company is a challenge in itself and by that I don’t mean the hiring issues, but because of the awareness that this part of the company carries a lot of responsibility with regard to the success and good reputation of a organization. But not only for these points, it is also necessary to think that all products created must be valuable, useful and viable for users, and this is another provocation that must be overcome every day.

I often see some professionals migrating from area to area…

Written by Marcia Asano — COO and DPO

For many people, talking or even thinking about changes is a source of chills. But, in my opinion, when you think about continuous improvement, you have to face this giant and go after him. Many people ask me why I put aside the role of CEO of a startup to take over as COO of a larger company. These people also ask me, what is the difference between the roles of these two positions, and I like to explain by saying that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) makes the promises, the Chief…

Written by Ana Mori — Partnerships Manager

With the evolution of the means of communication, today they have become strong allies for companies to be in contact with their customers, which requires them to be in the right channels to effectively serve consumers. These channels are largely responsible for revolutionizing the way brands relate to people. And these, in turn, dictate how they want to be served, by which channel and in what period, and that is why more and more companies have sought the means digital.

To get an idea, today 72% of people in the world have a…

Written by Eduardo Henrique — Chief Business Development Officer

It is a fact that human beings like to feel safe, comfortable and in control. When the environment changes — due to an external effect such as the need for social isolation, or even changes that involve the company — people are forced out of their comfort zones, and this can be a huge challenge for some people. Bringing it to the corporate scenario, this situation can be even more adverse, since to promote changes and ensure the adherence of the team, it is essential that we leaders are clear in…

Chatbots are becoming indispensable in Brazil and in the world. Written by Rodrigo Passeira — Head of Product

Chatbots are becoming indispensable in Brazil and in the world. Proof of this is that, according to a study by Gartner, Brazil grew more than 100% in the sector in 2018, accompanied by a 60% increase in message traffic. In addition, the trend is that chatbots will be involved in 85% of interactions between companies and consumers by 2020, and 50% of companies in the world will invest more in this type of solution than in the development of mobile applications.


Written by Blenda Nascimento — Talent Aquisition Assistant

The starting point for building a reference brand when it comes to people’s experience within the selection process is to take care of each one of them as if they were the only one (because they really are). Seeking to understand the particularity of each person, understanding that they are disposed in different professional and personal circumstances, brings the company closer to its audience and, most importantly, humanizes their relationships, making both of them see the impact that one has on the other.

When dealing with customers, the public that is impacted…

Written by Diana Peña — IT Security Analyst

1 - Tell us who you are and your professional performance.

I’m Diana Peña, who am I? I am a woman, daughter of a great mother, mother of one daughter, wife, friend, animal lover, system engineer and much more… ah! and Security Analyst here at Wavy (now Sinch).

And what do I do in the security area? The team is responsible for minimizing risks, identifying security breaches, governance, taking care of certifications and helping other teams in building safe solutions.

2 - How/what sparked your interest in technology?

When I was little, technology always caught my eye. Knowing that there were very advanced…

Written by Beatriz Mendes — Growth Manager

I have a long history with the Movile Group. I started as a media intern, in the Latin America offices, and that worked out well because it led to me joining the newly formeded Playkids, where I learned a lot. I moved up from intern to coordinator very quickly, thanks to sheer hard work on my part. The culture here is something we live and breathe every day — it’s not just a poster on the wall. …


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