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Written by Camila Costa — Sr Business Partner

Este mês fiz um 1 ano de Wavy! Por aqui dizem que vivemos anos de cachorro, cada ano representa 7. Hoje entendo um pouco do que isso significa, o dinamismo, a velocidade e a intensidade das informações é gigante, e como consequência, muito aprendizado, evolução e inovação!

O ano era 2020, mudanças pessoais importantes, fechamento de ciclos e início de outros, e o mundo atual de repente mudou completamente! …

Hello! My name is Jon Kramer and I have a passion for creating solutions to continue development of people in the Learning area of Sinch. I’m originally from the United States, but I’ve been living happily here in Stockholm since 2000. My wife and I have two children: a teenage daughter and a preteen son. Last summer, we received a new member to our family: a Chihuahua. Now that you know me better, it’s time to understand what I do at Sinch.

The main goal of the Learning area at Sinch is that people have the best performance in their…

The impact on the customer experience during social isolation.

Written by Rodrigo Passeira — Head of solutions at Sinch

The pandemic has impacted our personal and professional lives, social isolation has brought about changes in habits and impediments that we could not imagine we would live. Who would bet at the end of 2019 that this would all happen? We are living in a time of change that is accelerating digitalization in many companies and, due to the isolation, all of them had to face changes in rules, some of which had variations in sales volume upwards, because they have…

My story at Wavy (now Sinch) started in January 2020. I already started the year with great news, as I always had the dream of working in a large company like this, where I would be challenged every day, learning and delivering new things.

Guilherme Oliveira

The passion for technology and information technology, which brought me here, was continually present in my life, so that, already thinking about working in the area, I did High School in Data Processing. …

You don’t need to understand everything about artificial intelligence (AI) to agree that it’s no longer science-fiction but a part of everyday life for businesses and individuals.

Whilst this is not a new subject, AI solutions are constantly evolving, as are the market landscape and customer behaviour. In other words, you need to think carefully about the best solution for you.

The aim of this post is to answer some of the most common questions about this topic by giving an overview of artificial intelligence as a tool, thinking about its main applications and benefits for customer relations and about…

More and more we have more complex web applications with several streams and with a more refined layout. The screens have been designed to serve the user an explosion of colors, interactions, animations, textures, sensations, whew! You should imagine the work it takes to do and maintain all of this, especially with teams that are growing and becoming multispecialized, having several roles such as Frontend, Backend, Devops, Designers, among other roles.

One thing is a fact, maintaining all of this code is complicated, even when we have unit tests, but what about the visual? …

Firebase offers a powerful and easy-to-use tool for implementing A / B testing in apps. Felipe Valio, Developer at Sinch, realized that, for the results to be reliable, there are some not-so-obvious details that need to be considered.

In this article he tells more about his learnings and gives tips for those who want to continue with the tests with the tool. Check out!


Anyone who has read my previous article knows that I have some apps which I develop in my spare time. …

How did continuous integration come about?

In 1935, Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger proposed a mental experiment in which a cat is confined to a cardboard box with a glass of poison and a random trigger that can release this poison. The point of the matter is that, as long as an observer does not evaluate the contents of the box, we cannot consider the cat to be alive or dead. So, according to Schrödinger, we must consider him alive and dead. …

Who never had problems with thread starvation, who never went wrong by blocking the main thread or who never got lost in the famous Callback Hell?

Asynchronous programming is one of the big issues of the moment and is gaining more and more importance, both in the area of ​​Back-End and Front-End.

We still use Java a lot here at Movile and we believe that the language competition solution is difficult to use (and we are not even commenting on the debugging part of it all).

In addition, Java does not encourage reactive programming, let alone non-blocking IO. We have…

Perhaps the following situation has already happened to you: when you access a page to fill out a form, you end up giving up on completing it until the end. Filling out several fields on a single web form is a bit tedious, but worse than suffering from boredom, you lack patience when trying to load a field like the list of cities or neighborhoods. This is a good example of the possibility of using a cache in a web application.

With so many options to add cache to your application, which one is ideal? Redis, Memcached, Hazelcast, Guava Cache…


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